Bamboo furniture enhance your home

Bamboo is a very modern, beautiful and versatile material. It is a plant that grows very quickly and, therefore, it can be created with very beautiful decorative elements at relatively low cost. With bamboo can make various crafts, crafts, decorative and utilitarian objects for the home. But this time we will discuss the Bamboo furniture. Ready to decorate the most beautiful home!

In China, bamboo symbolizes joy and fertility. In decoration, brings an exotic and freshness to the whole house note. Simple, and not very expensive, bamboo is an indispensable element in a different decor. Here are some tips for decorating with bamboo poles for proper use of this natural material.

Native to tropical Asia, bamboo is a giant plant more than 1300 species are counted. Very decorative, has the advantage of growing very fast. Bamboo is highly appreciated by it lightweight, and easy to use.

A simple project that you can practice having few materials is bamboo chandeliers. The way to perform them is lining glass with thin vertical rods, which will tie with raffia or natural fibers. Another idea is to cover the bottle with the fibers following a free design, based on creativity. The ends of the fiber braiding go for something like a nest of bamboo surrounding the vessel. The last step is to place within a tea light candle jar and thus manage to craft a cute bamboo chandelier.


Interior bamboo: If you like the decor and have a creative spirit, you can make many combinations with bamboo: frames, canopies for beds, carpets, furniture, plants for the garden, tableware, stickers , among others. You can choose between dry bamboo and green bamboo. The dry is best suited when all kinds of crafts.

Bamboo can be purchased at specialty shops decoration, or florist. For decoration, the rods or bamboo panels can be used to hang curtains. If you like DIY, you will find installation a cinch. There are also tiles for the walls or the floor, bamboo plates, very aesthetic if used in small doses.

Bamboo Furniture and Accessories: Unless you know make them, there are many sites that sell a wide range of bamboo furniture, which are very original.


If you have a large living room, you can buy thin sticks of dry bamboo to decorate a vase. The tableware bamboo has the advantage of being lightweight, and can be found in stores or exotic decor big brands. For the table, you can bring a different touch tailoring based on the napkin bamboo sticks that can then be cut into different widths.

Bamboo is a material that resists moisture. You can make a bamboo frame for the main bathroom mirror, or making a towel with some dry sticks. The most resourceful can make a footstool to facilitate entry into the bathtub, or a stool to sit out of the shower. is one of the best websites for danetti dining tables .


These are just some ideas for decorating with bamboo. To make your life easier, you can buy bamboo by email or through a website. Just choose the size and the diameter of each bamboo stick.

If you have some experience with crafts or DIY jobs you can create rustic bamboo furniture. Tables, chairs, beds, chairs, shelves, chests … the limit is your creativity. To make planning the design, get the tools and set to work. Bamboo furniture is modern and ideal for a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Fascinate you!


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